The Secret Scroll 3

Tsunade was in complete distress as this perilous situation only seem to grow bigger by the minute. Despite her size, she used her ninja magic to create a potion set for her growing size and began working on a cure.

Meanwhile, Anko was loving every second of this experience; each centimeter she grew felt like an even higher level of pleasure. Her body was ravaged by growth spurts, barely giving her time to focus on anything else, but the ninjas drinking from her tits were scratching a pleasure itch she didn’t know she had.

Now, wondering as to the full potential of the potion, she began fondling herself and it awakened a burning desire within her; her enormous hands began caressing her continental breasts as they rose-like bread. Her fishnets were, once again, digging into her flesh before giving in again breaking their bonds as her now mountainous nipples began erupting like volcanoes. She grabbed onto the earth for stability, only to find her hands digging into whole continents as she had grown to titanic proportions.

The earlier pleasure that she had thought was unbelievable, was now being dwarfed as the sensations of pleasure was now exploding with every centimeter she grew. Her ass and thighs were digging deep into earth, her breasts swelling and spreading, her milk diluting the ocean.

As her pleasure continued to build up so did her breasts as they felt compacted with milk. With her enlarged hands squeezing her breasts, they exploded in growth and lactation as her breasts began to practically flood the earth.

As she climaxed, her size only multiplied as her figure began to engulf the continents. Anko was no longer smaller than the earth as her body began breaking the planet itself. Her body became inhabitable as the people of earth, who safely evacuated with the help of its ninjas. Her breasts became a temporary Earth substitute. However, this wouldn’t satisfy her or the ninjas girls drinking from her as she felt an even bigger growth spurt building up inside her and all she wanted to do was to build it up and experience it’s unfathomable pleasure...

Story by Supertoast
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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