The Secret Scroll

Tsunade always had big breasts, but every woman in the village had always suspected that she had a secret technique that no one but her knew... until now. Anko Mitarashi spent a lot of time and money to sneak inside Tsunade's home undetected and look through her belongings. After nearly three hours, she found the secret she was looking for and bolted out of Tsunade's home.

The next day, Anko had gathered everything she needed for the scroll's recipe for a potion the likes of which she had never seen. As she finished brewing it, she realized that she'd made much more than a bottle's worth. There were more instructions on the bottom of the scroll, but it was too tedious to read when her goal was so close. With nothing else to do besides drink, Anko drank an entire gallon's worth in one go. Afterwards, she immediately performed a ninja technique that would let her outfit adjust to the new, bustier body she was expecting.

A few minutes passed, and all she felt was disgust and bloating from drinking so much. Disappointed with the lack of results, Anko angrily stormed off towards her home. However, she only managed a few steps before she felt an electric sensation run through her body and force her to her knees. Anko felt her body explode in a flurry of sensations, her breasts building up both pressure and pleasure. Dropping back on her butt, Anko was left unable to even stand as her body was ravished by writhing, indescribable euphoria. Every attempt to speak resulted in each syllable escaping as little more than a sensual moan.

Anko's breasts felt like they were being packed tighter and tighter. Her legs and thighs thickened while the rest of her body grew, gaining foot after foot of height until she was nearly towering over the mountains. In the height of her euphoria, she instinctively started to pleasure herself. She jolted back and screamed in ecstasy.

On her knees and towering over the village, Anko's breasts began to grow once again. Proportionate to the giant ninja girl's size, they went from cantaloupes to watermelons... to yoga balls... to beach balls...

Anko's outfit barely contained her ample figure as her fishnets dug tightly into her tits.

Finally settling, Anko was about ready to get up and handle her dilemma. That is, until she felt a shudder echoing throughout her body and a moan escaping her lips as her body grew more slowly... but incessantly. Her colossal breasts made loud sloshing noises as milk erupted from her nipples, unceasing in their flow. Gallons and gallons of milk flooded the area while her breasts merely continued to swell in size. Holes began to form in Anko's fishnets as even her magically-attuned outfit couldn't keep up with such massive growth. Anko could only smirk as the pleasure and the growth continued to increase in intensity, leaving her drunk from the sexual stimulation alone.

Unbeknownst to anyone, including the lactating giantess, was that the abandoned scroll (now submerged under hundreds of gallons of milk) contained this warning at the bottom of its text:

“Take only 2fl. oz. a month until optimal breast size is achieved. Taking more than the recommended dose may lead to unexpected growth and permanent size increase. DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN 2 QUARTS A DAY, AS THIS MAY LEAD TO UNENDING/PERPETUAL GROWTH.”

Story by Supertoast
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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