The Vegetarian Teacher Strikes Again

A few days after the incident with her class, Ms. Hardy decided to pay a visit to her favourite market where she found four more girls who attended the same college but had different classes.

She didn’t pay it much heed till she noticed the four of them were consuming meat products. In a fit of anger, she threw her hand forward at the girls and instantly Cheryl, Zoe, Bird and Zora suddenly felt weird; a pleasant tingle spread through their bodies as they started to either bloat or stretch as their skin started to change pigments.

The girls moaned as they continued to change becoming what Ms. Hardy thought was a perfect punishment; a bunch of fruits and vegetables!

With her next batch of bad girls punished, Ms. Hardy decided that she would have to punish anyone she thought did wrong. Spending a few months as a fruit or vegetable felt appropriate to her, as she waved her hand and the four, newly-created, fruit and vegetable girls vanished to her own home to be part of her garden...

Story by Jbrey
Artwork by Vincenzo Sansone, Slasher

High resolution (6100x3959)

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