The World's Roundest Super-Spheroes

“Please initiate the latest test for the meta-incapacitation ray gun prototype whenever you’re ready, Mr. President.” the chief scientist signaled. Staring over to each of the thick, glass-walled, soundproof cells that held Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Power Girl captive, US President Lex Luthor taunted his soon-to-be guinea pigs.

“You superhumans have not only always been a threat to me, but to the safety of this nation and this planet as well...”

“Sir, we’re on a tight schedule, if you could curtail the monologuing for today, please...” an aide interrupted.

“Fine… I guess it isn’t very satisfying when they can't hear me, and I can barely hear them either...” Lex grumbled. “Let’s go with a couple of existing settings first, and maybe try one of the new ones.” Tapping a couple of buttons, he then fired a ray of energy through the glass barrier of each superhero’s cell. It took mere seconds for the effects of the ray to have their desired effects. Breasts and buttocks were soon rapidly bulging out of each woman’s outfit. In addition to the expansion...

“Blueberry and… it would appear to be… Helium. Classics, if I do say so myself.” The chief scientist chimed up, noticing the deepening blue hue to Wonder Woman’s skin and the quietest of high pitched squeals that escaped from the cell of a confused Black Canary.

“Still unsure on what you chose for Power Girl, though it looks to be some sort of fluid.”

“Protein drink,” Lex replied with a smirk. “I couldn’t pass up the chance to test it on someone who prides themselves so much on their strength.”

“An inspired choice, Sir!” the chief scientist exclaimed. “Stage 2 should be commencing shortly.”

No sooner had he said that than Power Girl’s belly could be seen starting to also wildly surge outwards from under her lycra bodysuit. The other two superheroes were now looking to be in some distress as their exaggerated hourglass figures attempted to escape their corset-bodiced attire before they could undress properly. A series of violent tears and rips later, the tattered remains of all three women’s clothes lay scattered on the floors of their cells, as their bodies continued to expand fuller and rounder.

Wonder Woman and Power Girl’s movements were becoming more and more sluggish with the weight of the fluid filling each of them, while it didn’t take long before Black Canary was no longer in contact with the ground any more. By the time their growths had stopped, each woman was about 7-8 ft in diameter, futilely flapping their hands and feet that had been almost entirely enveloped by their inflated flesh. Wonder Woman was now a huge, spherical, blueberry caricature of her former svelte form, sticky blueberry juice leaking from her swollen round breasts and more intimate orifices. Black Canary looked somewhat similar- a sphere with enormous puffy breasts- though minus the change in skin color. Instead she now floated several feet in the air, stranded up against the ceiling of her cell. Power Girl, on the other hand, looked somewhat different from the others. Though she too had a pair of ginormous tits- which happened to the largest of the three women- rather than a round spherical shape her body resembled a massive water balloon, one that jiggled and quivered with every fruitless attempt she made to move.

“I wonder if the pink kryptonite we used to capture Power Girl played a factor in the experiment...?” Lex wondered.

“We will have to see if we can acquire Supergirl and repeat this scenario.”

“A lively bunch, aren’t they, Doctor?” Lex called out.

“Interesting...” muttered the chief scientist, as ignored his boss and he shuffled up the glass cell wall and squinted closely at each of the women’s swollen faces.

“What is it?” inquired the intrigued president.

“I’m noticing changes in mood. If I’m not mistaken, they are each displaying quite an extreme case of… carnal lust. They may actually be enjoying the experience.” The chief scientist grabbed a remote from his lab coat pocket and pressed the unmute button. Speakers around the labs burst into life with loud, previously-muffled sounds- erotic moans and squeals- to confirm his suspicions before quickly muting them again.

“We hadn’t accounted for that, but it’s certainly worth investigating… as long as you can grant us more funding, Mr. President.” the chief scientist looked back at Lex.

“Incapacitation, humiliation, and now an unforeseen side-effect of subjugation. This is far better than I ever imagined.” Lex spoke to himself. “Additional funding approved, keep up the good work and keep me apprised of further testing!” said a pleased president as he and his aide turned to leave for what was undoubtedly going to be a far less satisfying meeting.

Story by tomsmith5153
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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