The "Splendiferous" Gas

Mia Fey had been working her whole life to find anything on Redd White, the man who had cost her everything. She had finally found out about White's blackmailing habits and compiled a list of names of people White had blackmailed... some of whom were still alive to provide testimony against him.

Redd White had been notified about this from his sources and had forced a "friend" to put together a special gas to use on Mia Fey. With the assistance of his secretary April May and a wiretap, he had taken note of when Mia would be alone and unprotected.

During this time he barged into the Fey and Co. offices with April following behind him. He threatened Mia with a firearm, demanding she give him the evidence she had compiled against him. After refusing, Redd fired, emitting the pink gas created for him. It flowed towards Mia, who had been expecting a bullet.

As Mia's body absorbed the gas, her cleavage started to tighten and her breasts started to expand, stretching out her already tight outfit. Upon seeing this, April May burst out in laughter, pointing at the struggling lawyer, until the pink gas reached April as well, turning her joyous expression into a face of fear and horror.

Her boobs started bouncing and jiggling slightly until they began to expand. Mia attempted to relieve the stress of her breasts by taking off the top part of her outfit as milk started to rocket out of her stiffened nipples. Seeing this, April May tried her best to cover hers as milk began to rocket out as well, meeting her hands.

Redd White grabbed the list of names and began to head out, leaving Mia to grow and April to struggle with her milk-filled tits.

"I would love to stay and have a pleasuriffic time with you girls, but I have some other important business to attend to, now that I have this splendiferous gas"

Story by Poegeorgia
Artwork by WantedWaifus-JM

High resolution (3000x4650)

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