Too Much Wanting

It was a bit of an embarrassment, at first, to put ‘tongue to tip’, but that first taste was all it took for the first change to happen. Jeff’s body changed; shrinking in some areas, but ballooning in many others to his delight. Having found the glade on a holiday trip and thinking it just a forgotten shrine, the unexpected, silken voice that carried through the garden made him determined to explore it thoroughly.

The voice wafted on the breeze and babbled through the nearby brook, encouraging him to first find the statues and then to... drink from them?

"Fortune and bliss come from both. But, to take from the same shall give you your heart's desire; that which could never be had through mortal ways. Drink to your heart's content. It is pure ambrosia and thought made manifest. You have traveled far to find my glade, and I’ve not had a visitor in many an age."

After surrendering himself to the taste, Jeff knew that he was getting everything that he wanted and more. With each gulp, each suckle, he (now she) could feel her body bloat with each spurt from the endless fountain. Goose bumps forming, shivering at the new sensations of ever-more sensitive skin, nipples hardening.

And still she guzzled on, wanting more than anything, to be able to be in her own bed that night. If she were to wake the next morning and it not be a dream, she could always want for something else later from the Statue and the golden figure of the glade.

Story by Drafna
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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