Unexpected Results

Hailey bit her lip as her bust expands once again. She glanced at JT with a mixture of curiosity and hunger as he approached her slowly and embraced her. No longer able of denying the lustful desire swelling alongside her proportions, Hailey practically attacks her boyfriend in a desperate attempt to sate her now ravenous appetite for sex.

Responding in kind, JT takes Hailey's newly enlarged hips in his hands, pulling her onto his throbbing member. Furiously thrusting into her over and over again, they are both driven to even further points of sexual ecstasy as each thrust seems to make her breasts expand further.

Hailey cries out, screaming for more as the two lovers lose themselves in the other's embrace.

Story by Pedroman1
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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