Waters of the Goddess

As a priestess to a divine goddess of knowledge and beauty, Essyl had spent the majority of her life blessed by a sacred rite that enhanced her beauty. She and her sisters had been given strikingly beautiful and full forms. In return, they dedicated themselves to studying and sharing arcane knowledge while promoting both kindness and good faith.

Priestesses of her ilk will venture far out from their home temple, delving into ruins to study their ancient secrets. However, what was thought to be a simple expedition turned out to be something more for Essyl as she ventured into the ruins of a temple erected by a civilization she had never encountered before. As she moved through the dim and twisting halls, she recognized a familiarity in the intricate runes and markings etched into the walls. Forging on, she found the prize in its central chamber - a wading pool positively thrumming with arcane energies.

Ever curious and willing to learn more, she stepped into the pool and moved to the middle. Essyl was assaulted by a wave of tingling sensations as power and knowledge of old filled her body. The vessel for these gifts was forced into an orgasmic change. Essyl moaned and splashed about in reverie as her body was transformed into a towering amazon with an impossibly "full" figure. Essyl's eyes glowed with a greater understanding of the universe and the mana that flowed through it.

Emerging from the pool forever changed, she realized that she had discovered a second rite of her order - another blessing from her goddess that ascended them closer to divinely beautiful forms.

She simply had to share the findings with her fellow sisters!

Story by TempestWing
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2025x3150)

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