Who Boobed This Up?

Alicia Cogstone was pretty tall for her age, but it wasn't until she turned 18 that her height rapidly started to increase. By the time she turned 21, she was close to 50 feet tall. Luckily, her father Reginald Cogstone was one of the wealthiest men the world. He loved and adored his daughter and used his vast wealth to accommodate his growing daughter's needs. This included such concerns as living arrangements, food and clothes, and research into stopping his daughter's growth and perhaps even reversing it.

After several tests, two of the top scientists, a man named Gerald Parker and his wife Vanessa, believed they had made a breakthrough. The 'cure' could only take effect while Alicia slept. The next morning Gerald and his wife Vanessa went to wake Alicia to see if there were changes and report any news to Reginald.

They went into Alicia's huge room and something seemed different about Alicia. It was when she sat up and put on her slippers that they could see a difference. She was still huge, but her pyjamas and slippers were looking a bit too large for her now; they had fit fine the night before. Gerald and Vanessa were happy with the progress Alicia had made. Now she finally had a chance of being normal. Their celebration was short-lived. As Alicia stretched to wake herself up, she experienced a huge growth spurt. Gerald watched in horror as Alicia's feet burst through her once oversized slippers, while Vanessa was trying to avoid one of Alicia's massive pyjama buttons as it popped off her growing body. Her breasts tripled in size, finally stopping at 75 feet. Alicia sat on her now broken bed, still a bit sleepy, wondering what happened, while Gerald reluctantly called Reginald to tell him the news, that his daughter had grown even bigger.

Story by slapdash
Artwork by StudioArieta-TZ

High resolution (3300x5100)

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