Winter Weight

Rinn lived in Canada all her life and she loved it. She HATED winter, however. Rinn had been tiny her whole life. Even gaining some "winter weight" only brought her up to 130 lbs... which she quickly lost because of her metabolism, making her consistent weight around 110.

One day, she was home alone and just wished aloud. "I wish I could gain weight like some of those huge girls at work. I'm tired of being so tiny." She chuckled. "I wanna grow to 8x my current weight!"

The next morning, she woke up to find that not only had her wish been granted, but only she seemed to remember her time as a skinny girl. She played with her rolls and moaned as they jiggled.

Rinn opened her closet and put on the first thing she grabbed: a long and flowing black dress. "I'll go out for a walk," she thought aloud. She waddled out the door and, as she walked, she got a surprising amount of catcalls.

"I wonder what else has changed?"

Story by iron-ninja327
Artwork by Marco Baldi

High resolution (2480x3507)

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