Workout Partners

Having the ring made getting his dream body easy, but once you've got it, why not flaunt it? HIs local mega-gym was the perfect next stop, and it had plenty of both haves and have-nots. He was admiring some of the female "haves" when he saw a poor first-timer walk in. The guy was so skinny that his clothes were hanging off of him. When he met our hero's gaze, the two shared a long stare... after which he turned around and walked off sheepishly to a sparsely-populated corner of the gym. On his way, the skinny man was noticed by a few of the gym regulars, whose massive physiques they felt gave them carte blanche to basically be bullies. They figured everything in this place was theirs to prey on, but the ring differed in opinion.

The man thought he should do some community service. He had already fucked ten hot women today. Why not let some other guys in on his magical fun? The man zeroed in on two of the beautiful women he'd seen earlier: two cheerleaders working out on treadmills. The skinny man was aroused instantly as his attention was drawn to them, and then embarrassed almost as quickly as his loins stirred. No one could see much thanks to his baggy clothing, which was just another reason he wanted to hide.

The ring's magic began with the two hotties, causing their breasts to inflate larger, plumping up with a natural look. The skinny gentleman glanced their way during this process and his shock at their new growth made him lock eyes on them. He was grateful that they didn't notice him staring, but hadn't yet realized his turn had come up next.

His body began to fill with lean new muscles... like a swimmer. No, more that that. He was now something off of a Men's Fitness cover (with the added bonus of handsome features to stare at). Next, his little soldier went "Captain America" on him as his crotch swelled, his shaft grew thicker, and his balls filled his now-tight shorts. The man with the ring had already adjusted the skinny man's wardrobe so that it would not break. There was no need for him to burst out in public (or at least not yet, anyway).

The formerly-skinny guy was reborn as a mythically-proportioned stud. The two beauties who had caught his eye earlier nearly got whiplash as soon as they noticed the new hunk. The newly minted man-god cautiously walked towards the pec deck to test out the large muscles he had mysteriously discovered upon his chest. He started with a few slow reps, just trying to gauge his incredible newfound strength. His two admirers were on the edge of orgasming from just watching his new muscles as he worked out... and that was before their eyes went down to the not-so-small animal bulging out of his crotch. They both wanted him now! The women dismounted their treadmills and approached their prey, their now very large and very perky breasts slowly bouncing and rolling in their tight bras with every step. The formerly skinny man couldn't help but stare as they strode towards him.

After some pleasantries, all three stood tall (taller than when they'd come in) and walked to the back for a private workout as the alpha bullies and half of the gym stared. The now-heavily gifted man tried his best to remain cool and quiet about his monumental luck as the two women took the lead in seducing their prey. They were (apparently) both very open to the threesome that was about to commence.

The man with the ring could have joined them with a thought, but he had a different target: after his good deed, he figured he'd earned a yoga class orgy!

Story by buckeye5
Artwork by Victor Serra

High resolution (3300x5099)

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