Julia is wandering in an Italian beach one day when she stubs her toe on a lamp. She inspects the lamp and her curiosity get the best of her. She brings it home to clean. When she starts cleaning, a genie with a rather large bust appears. The genie's tits are to her navel and Julia is extremely attracted by it. The genie is special in the sense that whatever wish you make first is the subject she sticks with (i.e. if the first wish is sexual in nature she can only grant sexually charged wishes afterwards). Her first wish ends up being a wish to make her breasts larger, not paying any attention to the genie's warning of her first wish picking her genre of wishes. At first she can control her desire for a larger chest, but it soon gets out of hand.

Story by Zahbuhdoo
Artwork by Andrea Errico

High resolution (4961x3508)

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