Material Girl

Material Girl
Material Girl

Daddy’s little girl Poppy is used to getting everything that she wants. And when Daddy’s business is booming it’s not a problem to spoil little Poppy rotten. But when the business bubble bursts, Daddy finds himself frittering away every last dollar on his precious “little” girl. A spending habit not helped by Poppy’s uncanny ability to outgrow every article of clothing that she is bought. As she rips stretches and tares through all of her expensive clothes with her ever-expanding flesh, she leaves Daddy's financial situation in as much tatters as her wardrobe. Is Poppy just a superficial selfish little brat or is she the biggest (bustiest) victim of an unraveling material world? That’s for you to decide about our Material Girl.

Tags: breast expansion, clothes ripping, gradual, pleasure, height increase, MASSIVE breasts

Released November 07, 2013
15 pages + cover
Story by Heir
Artwork by Crimson, Choux Creme

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